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Review of Glenwood Park: Atlanta, Ga 2009/12/08

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Overall the development of Glenwood Park has been successful in terms of planning processes and implementation. Greenstreet Properties utilized input from surrounding communities to ensure that the project fit the fine grain mix of uses present in the surrounding historic neighborhood. While the participation aspect of this process was somewhat abbreviated when compared to a public planning process it is important to note that this was a privately funded development and it was necessary to conserve financial resources in the interest of profits. It is also quite likely that if the existing conditions of the site not been so poor additional community involvement would have been required to gain the trust and support of the surrounding communities.

The developers and sub consultants for Glenwood Park sought to create a model community which utilized the principles of new urbanism to create truly walkable and livable social space. In order to accomplish these goals it was necessary for Greenstreet to work with the city of Atlanta to establish new regulations for this type of community. Ultimately, a compromise was reached between Greenstreet and the city and New Ordinance for Traditional Neighborhood Developments was created .This ordinance allowed for narrower street widths and tighter turning radii. These elements serve as traffic calming devices and provide enhanced pedestrian safety within the community. The creation of this new ordinance has changed the development landscape in Atlanta and has allowed similar developments to occur elsewhere in the city. This contribution by Greenstreet will have a lasting influence on the city.

In spite of these contributions the developers of Glenwood Park were not able to fulfill some of their goals for the project. Among these was the goal for market rate housing. Due to complications from site conditions and permitting concerns the developers were able to fulfill this goal without detracting from their profit margin which Greenstreet describe as “razor thin.” The addition of an affordable housing component would have created a more socially and culturally diverse community. It is possible that the city of Atlanta does not offer enough incentives for such developments through inclusionary zoning or other regulatory frameworks. In the future it would be beneficial to explore all options of including a diverse range of pricing options for a truly urban development.


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